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It's funny how the one you needdoesn't need you. How that one person brought out the best and the worst in you. How the only person who can fix the pain is the one whocaused it.

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Loving is not an art,
that you need to learn
just fell in love with someone
and rest of the job is done.

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admin Posted In Spring SMS

The air is as light as the frail wings of butterflies marking the beginning of a wonderful spring. May your life, too, be filled with blessings and joy!
Happy Spring Festival

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admin Posted In Winter SMS

Thandi k mausam wala Shayiri (Crazy one)
Arz kiya hai..
Pasand aaye to Wah... Wah... Zarur kariyega..
Baith k bathrrom mein nawab k jaise....
sardi k mausam mein sochtaa hu aise...
Baith k bathrrom mein nawab k jaise....
sardi k mausam mein sochtaa hu aise
"ki kar to li hai toone beta....
abb thande paani se dhoega Kaise...

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I am sure that the day u were
born in was a rainy day,
it wasnt really raining
it was the sky crying because it lost
one of its most beautiful angels.

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स्कुलमा क्लासमा ढिलो जादा पछाडिको मात्र पाइन्थियो
कलेजमा क्लास ढिलो जादा अगाडिको मात्र सिट पाइन्छ

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